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Welcome to the website of the “Fotofreunde Herborn” (“Photo Friends of Herborn” aka. “Die FotoMafia” (“The Photo Mafia”).

The “Fotofreunde Herborn” are a group sharing photographic interests, consisting of photographers of all skill levels from Herborn and around, who want to exchange with their peers without any static club structures and membership ties.

We currently meet on every first day of the month and on every third Wednesday of the month for communicative photo walks at different settings or round tables in an available room.

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About us

The founding mothers and fathers

Originally, the “Fotofreunde Herborn” are a group of photographers of all skill levels from Herborn and around. We are no club but rather try to organize ourselves loosely instead.

We have been especially active as the team of photographers during the Hessentag Festival  2016 in Herborn and earned widespread acclaim for our professional work.

Meanwhile, we also support the city of Herborn free of charge and regularly provide images for the publications of the marketing department etc.

Our nickname “Die Fotomafia” (“The Photo Mafia”) goes back to the above mentioned collaboration as photographers on the Hessentag Festival 2016. A friend and experienced press photographer was increasingly stunned that members of our team in their red team shirts were always present already, if he attended an event. Accordingly, he welcomed us exclaiming “…and the red photo mafia is already there again!”.

This later created the idea to perpetuate this fitting nickname and thus make our friend some kind of “Godfather” of the photo mafia in Herborn.

More detailed biographies of individual member can be found here.


Monthly topic “Creative shots with miniatures”

For our regular meeting in September, we had decided for the monthly topic “Creative shots with miniatures” and had envisioned images such as miniature railway miners chucking away at fruit and vegetables etc. as it can been seen at various places. However, we had deliberately set out the subject a bit wider.. The ideas of …

Classic cars on the historic premises of the Villa Haas in Sinn (Germany)

Continuing our shootings of classic cars in special settings, we recently got the chance to visit the historic park of the Villa Haas in Sinn (Germany) to shoot our dated darlings. The autumn mood and the fantastic estate left nothing to be wished for. Photos: (c) Tanja Hinkel, Volker Krenz, Thomas Kempfer, Aline Kaleicher, Hans …


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